Jacksonville University

Jacksonville University aims to boldly establish its presence in the competitive environment in Florida — and among the finest Liberal Arts universities in the nation. Looking to elevate their status and stature, the team helped update their web experience to be in line with Jacksonville's relaunched brand to further articulate their narrative and to drive student engagement and applications.


Working with our content strategist, we first workshopped with the client to define our target audiences and determine their content needs. We decided early on that the new website should primarily be focused on prospective students with content that leans heavily into academic content and leads users down application pathways. Secondary audiences include prospective parents and families, and donors. Being a small private university, Jacksonville University relies heavily on private giving to fund the school. We then created a content outline for the home page and recommendations for the type of content that they may need on their top level navigation pages.

Using our team's component library, we created a quick set of wireframes and jumped straight into design.