Apothic Wines

Agency: 160over90
Year: 2019
Role: Designer

Apothic is wine brand from the E. & J. Gallo portfolio of wines that aims to incite passion by challenging convention. Apothic wanted a website that would do the same, as well as increase engagement with their target millennial audiences.

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The Challenge

With the coming launch of a new marketing campaign, Apothic needed to streamline the in-store discovery process to increase product awareness and conversions. For current customers, Apothic needed new ways to engage with their base beyond Instagram posts and newsletters.

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The Solution

Create streamlined pathways to get customers looking at an Apothic wine for the first time to the relevant product pages faster and serving relevant information and a pathways to the content ecosystem on those pages.

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The User Journey

Working with our content strategist, we began by mapping out various user journeys for our defined audiences:

New Customers - Discover the product in-store and doing a search online for reviews, ratings, and other relevant information, ultimately landing on a product page. From there, the user would explore other recommended wine varietals or related content such as recipes or blog posts.

Current Customers - Having prior experience with Apothic, users would enter through social media channels and newsletters to land on product pages or on blog content—a new addition to the site. From there, the user would explore other content on the blog.

Online Shopper - Ecommerce is a new requirement for the site, one with many different legal hurdles. We had to consider how a user can purchase a wine directly on-site as well as letting users know where they can purchase the wine in-store for states with stricter distribution laws.

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The Wireframe Flow

After identifying the design requirements, we created low fidelity wireframes that lined up with our different use cases. Leveraging the blog content throughout the site, the New Customer and Current Customer user journeys were fairly similar, with Online Shopper being the exception.


The Visual Design

Finally comes the easy part where we applied visual design and motion to align with the new marketing campaign's aesthetic while retaining some of the familiar elements of the previous iteration of the site that worked and resonated with the brand.



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