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Agency: 160ver90
Year: 2018
Role: Designer

Jefferson University knows that the future is not certain. Today's highly-sought careers may one day become tomorrow's automated labor. That's why Jefferson believes that interdisciplinary learning is the best way to make education of our students future-proof.

This digital experience serves as a companion piece for Jefferson's print viewbook, and encourages students to create their own path by exploring one of Jefferson's ten areas of excellence. By preparing students for an ever-changing world, the Jefferson experience puts students ahead of the curve.

05 – Fashion & Textiles


Chief Creative Officers
Greg Ash & Cory McCall

Executive Creative Director
Tim O'Donnell

Group Creative Director
Josh McGuire

Associate Creative Director
Kyle Ferino & Austin Addis

Jason Donahoe

Senior Designer
Justin Spinozzi

Digital Designers
Erica Benamy & Ismael Lopez

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