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SCC Virtual Tour

For most colleges and universities, in-person tours are a key moment in the recruitment cycle where a student falls in love with the campus and commit to attending the school.

At the start of the 2020-2021 recruitment cycle, it was clear that this was not a viable recruitment strategy. With many campuses going into lockdown and social distancing, the tools of last year would not be enough to engage with the class of 2025, nor could they adequately sell the on campus experience on their own.

Southeastern Community College sought to recreate their on-campus experience with a unique virtual tour that could stand out from that crowd. Working with the brand team at Heavy Content Studios, we created a unique and engaging virtual tour experience that utilizes design, copywriting, and video and photo assets from the branding phases prior, building a virtual tour experience that stood out from the templated virtual tour products in the market.

Heavy Content Studios
UX Design
Interactive Design

If you’d like to learn more about the work done for this project, please shoot me a message.

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See the Prototype

See the Prototype



Could your brand use a photoshoot? While not a part of this this specific project, I am always amazed at how much work a good brand photoshoot does for the work. Because of the cost in producing a shoot, photography, and video for that matter, can sometimes feel like an after thought in a brand handoff because it’s not something that you can personally execute on. It makes me grateful to work with partners with an incredible eye for art and video direction.